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Darrington climbs are located in or near the edge of the Boulder River Wilderness in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.  The Clear Creek and Squire Creek valleys have been mined and logged, but many big trees remain. The area is not only beautiful, but rugged and remote. 

• Cell phone coverage is poor.
• Emergency help is far away.  

Approach hikes range from twenty minutes to two or three hours on rough or un-maintained trails, and may include stream crossings, brush, and scrambling. The rock is generally solid but, as with any exfoliating granite, large flakes can and do peel off from time to time. Though rare, such an occurrence could kill someone. On this generally low angled rock, falls will result in the climber being scraped or banged against the rock.

The area is rainy, even for Western Washington, and some climbs may take two days or more to dry out after a rainfall. On hot days, the white granite intensifies the sun so that climbers may want protective clothing in addition to sunscreen and extra water. Bugs can be bothersome, generally mid-season.

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  On Exfoliation Dome, Matt Perkins photo